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Modern Minimalist Home Design Trends

Minimalist home design involves taking your home’s decor down to the bare essentials. It gives your house a more open feeling as it removes the unnecessary clutter found in a lot of homes. The minimalism home design can be applied from architecture, interior design, to art or lifestyles. This form of home design trend is somewhat like modern interior design, as it uses an uncluttered and simple theme.

The modern minimalism home design trend is characterized by clean, simple lines with a monochromatic color choice with just a hint of bolder colors as an accent. You will experience an open floor plan, functional furniture, and lots of natural light if possible. The focus of these home’s designs is on texture, shapes, colors, and a minimum of essential elements.

Minimalism Home Design Involves Bare Essentials

Using minimalist home design in your home means you only use the essential elements:

  • Beautiful materials
  • Light
  • Form
  • Open floor plan

These elements are to create a sense of relaxation and freedom. With this concept, you will not use excessive decorations or ornamentations. You will use details that are defined as uncomplicated and blend harmoniously into your room’s setting. The decor could include a piece of artwork, or perhaps a beautiful vase sitting on the dining room table.

Minimalist Home Design Uses Clean Lines

The accessories and furniture you’ll use with minimalist home design focus on practicality and functionality. These pieces should have smooth, flat surfaces with clean lines. The objective is to create bold statements that will emphasize the essential nature of each piece. The furniture chosen with this design should not be highly patterned, and the accessories should not have detailed ornamentation. The pieces should be based on simplicity and purity.

Minimalist Home Design Looks Welcoming and Warm

Rooms with minimalism design are instantly recognized as they are clutter-free, clean, and crisp with a monochromatic look. When you create a de-cluttered room, it de-clutters your mind and creates a visual calm. To avoid making your room feel soulless, you want to make a few small touches to ensure a welcoming feel.

Adding warmth to a room can include combining different textures and shades. To bring warmth into a room, you can incorporate mixed textures with different shades of the monochromatic colors you’ve used. To create this warmth you can:

  • Add soft wool fabrics in rugs placed on the flooring
  • Apply linen wallpaper
  • Use a grain or texture in tile to add visual interest
  • Use wood accessories to soften stark, white concrete elements

Textiles can also be used to add warmth and dimension to your design. Cushions, drapes, bedding, and area rugs in different textiles such as cotton, wool, or linen are just some ideas to use. These textures are great choices to add comfort and warmth while maintaining a minimalist home design.

Colors to Use in a Minimalist Home Design

Design trends for minimalist home designs are to use monochromatic colors. One of the classic colors to use is blue as it embraces cool tones. Other tones are emerging with this design trend. Olive green, burnt orange, and yellow ochre will not only bring warmth to your room but also add a connection to the great outdoors.

Who Can Help Me Create a Minimalist Home Design in My House?

Lux Interiors & Landscape Designs has the experience and knowledge to turn your home into an uncluttered minimalist home design. We take your vision and turn it into reality. It is our mission to help you create a home that is functional, comfortable, and stylish.

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