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Minimalist Home Staging: Decluttering to Make the Sale

Minimalist interior design is not just a style, it’s a lifestyle dedicated to removing unnecessary clutter from your decor. It removes items from your decor that are unused, unwanted, and unnecessary. When you have less stuff, you have more room, more open space, and overall warmth and welcoming to your home.

When it comes time to sell your home, you can learn a lot from minimalist interior design, and how to stage your house to make the sale. These are some ideas to implement in your home staging process to make your home more enticing to buyers.

Minimalist Interior Design Believes in Less is More

The first step in staging your home is to remove the unnecessary clutter. When a home is cluttered, it not only looks like it but it ‘feels’ it. If your spaces are cramped and filled, it creates a stressful environment and doesn’t let buyers see the beauty of your home.

If you are still living in your house while it is up for sale, using minimalist interior design will give you less to worry about. Having less clutter makes the house look cleaner, fresher, and much more appealing to potential buyers. Having ‘less’ will also make the packing much simpler and efficient when your house sells.

Minimalist Interior Design Keeps Furniture Simple

The minimalist interior design for staging your home is keeping things streamlined and simple. You will want to choose just a few pieces of furniture to remain in each room, such as your loveseat and sofa. Remove the pieces, like shelving units, accent chairs, or sofa tables.

If you have any pieces that have ruffles or fringes, these should be removed. This type of accent is considered a ‘busy’ pattern and distracts from the look of the room. Keep the furniture that is modern or simple and fits the size of the area. If you have large pieces of furniture in a small room, it will give it a ‘cluttered’ feeling. 

Minimalist Interior Design Uses Natural Light

The minimalist interior design uses as much natural light as possible. This lighting creates a warm environment and will showcase the natural beauty of your home. When staging your home, it is important not to cover up your structural beauty. Remove blinds and curtains, and leave your windows open and viewable.

Removing the curtains and blinds will allow for natural light to come into the room and create an inviting environment. The natural lighting also gives potential buyers the opportunity to see your home’s potential and structure. It’s easy for buyers to envision what coverings will look like, but if the windows are covered, it’s difficult to see past them.

Be Intentional with Minimalist Interior Design Staging

Minimalist interior design doesn’t mean you get rid of everything. This staged design means you are intentional about the items you have in each room. Don’t take items for granted, for example, built-in cabinets should have something on them, just don’t have all the space filled. If you have bookshelves, there should be a few books, but not all shelf space covered.

How you decorate each room in your house during staging, is more about telling a story. You want people to envision living in the room themselves, so you want your staging to focus on how to make them ‘feel’ at home.

Who to Contact for Staging a Home for Sale

LUX Interiors & Landscape Design are your experts to contact for staging your home at resale time. From ensuring your home has curb appeal right through to the showing of each room, we will create an environment that is sure to delight any prospective buyer. With our minimalist interior design specialists, we will create the perfect stage to show your home’s beauty.

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