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How to grow small spaces by using illusion?

Increasing your comfort and happiness by changing your living’s room styling
The living room is the space where we spend most of the time and the place where the family reunites. For this reason the living room should be as comfortable and relaxing as possible for us.
To create a more comfortable living environment we must keep in mind some professional rules.


If you have not yet chosen the orientation of the living room then what you need to do is look east and west. But also consider the space in front of your house or apartment because it plays a big role.
East and west are two directions where the sun sets enough for the environment, natural light has a very big impact. If the orientation of the living room is impossible to do in these two directions, then we can choose another space.
After passing this phase we will need to plan the placing of the elements.
We should not start with the selection of small elements, such as pillows or decorations, they are the last and easiest stage of the plan. The most important are:

  • Furniture placement:
  • The biggest and most important investment should be made in furniture, because we are investing for our comfort and relaxation.
  • Furniture should be bought or ordered for as many people as the family has. One or two seats can be added if there is enough space. If you live in a small apartment then you should not think about extra things, the comfort of your family should be your primary concern.
  • Colors are a personal choice, although pale ones are easier to maintain and do not change with time, if you plan to keep them for some years.
  • Do not place the furniture in front of windows because light will obstruct you.
  • The best way is to have a view on the TV and on the sides in the window, as in the image below


The lighting in the living room should be from 2700K – 3000K. This type of lighting gives us a calm, relaxing feeling and makes the environment more hospitable. You can see the number of Kelvins behind each lamp you buy, so it is not difficult to choose.


The TV should be placed in front of the furniture and there should be no window behind, because the light prevents watching it.
It can be placed on the walls, hung from the ceiling, etc. You can place the TV where it seems more appropriate for the environment where you will stay.
If you are thinking of getting a TV than try avoiding to place it above the fireplace. Because you will always run the risk of melting the TV or burning the cables.


Curtains have a great effect on the size of the windows. Closing the curtains at night doesn’t allow our reflections to be seen on the windows.
There are some small methods for placing the curtains, but their length and placement can make the space look shorter or taller, depending on how we place them. For this reason when the windows are small and we want the space to look big, we put long curtains from the top of the ceiling. This gives the effect of making the window look bigger and the ceiling higher.
If the curtains will be the length of the windows, then this gives us the impression that the wall is lower than it actually is.


Placing the AC isn’t something that usually people care about. But if the AC is set in the living room and in front of us, then you are guaranteed that as long as they work you will not stay in that environment . Air conditioners should be placed in the corridors and the living space is not adequate for this.


Once your room is furnished, well lit, you have placed the TV, curtains, air conditioning, then what you have left are decorative parts such as: pillows, carpets, vases and various decorations.
There are no rules here, you are left with the idea and personal taste to choose them. Do not be afraid of different colors and textures, they give you taste and light to the environment.

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